Tuesday, May 02, 2006

050106: Borough Council Meeting

On Monday, May 1, 2006 the Nazareth Borough Council held its monthly meeting.

The discussion of the night focused on a proposal from the Law Committee's Jack Herbst to further investigage/allocate funds for a skate park within the Nazareth Borough Park (Read related article here). The motion was tabled until more information could be discussed.

The meeting opened with the approval of the April Meeting minutes, the Treasurer's, Emergency Management, Zoning, and Code Enforcement reports, as well as the paying of the bills.

Economic Development:
  • Approved resolution 5-06-A endorsing the Main Street Program and marking the submission of the grant application to the Pennsylvania DCED. The grant would provide the organizing committee with $5,000 seed money and it would give them one year to meet the initial goals established by the DCED.
  • Approved a motion to provide a 3% pay increase to the pool/park manager, Heather Coyle, for the 2006 season. There was a discussion to ensure that next year this position's salary was discussed in November during budget talks and not after the fact. While a voice vote was held, I believe one member did vote no on the increase.
  • Approved a motion to establish a Borough of Nazareth Culture and Arts Commission, becoming ordinance #719. The roll call vote was unanimous following a discussion regarding composition of the Commission and the reporting mechanism. It was noted that once the Commission was established the By-laws would be amended to add the Commission under Economic Development Committee.
  • Approved a motion to place ads for members of the Borough's new Culture and Arts Commission.
  • Approved a motion for use of the circle on Thursday, May 4, 2006 from 7:00 pm on for the National Day of Prayer Ceremony.
Law Committee:
  • Approved a motion to appoint Elton Werkheiser to the Nazareth Recreation Commission (term ending 12/31/08)
  • Approved Resolution 5-06-B, which endorses proposed House Bill 2550 introduced by State Representative Rich Grucela. The Bill imposes an impact fee on developers to off set anticipated school tax increase due to new students. (Read commentary on the Bill here)
  • Approved resolution 5-06 commending Thomas DeMarc Jr., a Nazareth High School swimmer, who placed 2nd in the PIAA Swimming Championships.
  • Approved a motion to authorize a $5.00 assessment fee for duplicate tax bills provided by the tax collector.
  • Approved report of the Ecology Committee.
  • Approved a motion to reapply for the 2006 Growing Greener Grant offered by PA DEP.
  • Approved a pair of motions for "planning module" for additional gallon usage per day at Keller Consulting, 49 E. Center, and Negrao Group Care property on South New Street.
Fire Report was approved indicating 18 calls - 10 alarms, 4 traffic accidents among others.

  • Approved a 90 day resolution for placing a "stop" sign at the intersection of older South Green and newly configured South Green in southerly direction.
  • Approved several street closures including May 29, for the Memorial Day Parade sponsored by American Legion Post 415 (in a seperate motion $50.00 was donated to the Legion to offset costs), July 14 on Belvidere between Main and Broad for the Block Party, July 15 on West Center from the Circle to Green for Nazareth Day.
Highway report approved.

Public Property:
  • Approved a motion to refurbish the fireplace in the Log Cabin at Nazareth Park at a cost of $200.00, and to readvertise bids for the re-pointing of bricks on the bridges at the Park.
  • Approved two motions, one to hold and one to advertise a public meeting on May 25, 2006 for the purpose of explaining plans for Phase II of the Capital Projects Initiative specifically dealing with the changes/rebuilding of a Borough Administrative Building and the Borough's Police Headquarters.
  • Approved payment to Kraemer Electric for $23,994.55 for street light project on the circle.
The Mayor noted that the Franklin Street properties developed by Ray Orwig have noticiably improved the area and congratulated him for a job well done. Also noted a ceremony for the opening of Green & Prospect to be held on May 15th at 6:30 p.m.

Mayor also noted there have been 130 crimes to date, with past month having 31 traffic, 18 accidents, 11 mischief, 2 DUI, 4 harassment, 2 underage drinking, 1 public drunkenness, and 1 drug arrest.

No reports from the Solicitor or Engineer.

It was noted that the wrestling team would be present at the June meeting to receive their resolution acknowledging their successful past season.

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