Friday, June 30, 2006

Borough Council Workshop 6-29-06

The Nazareth Borough Council held its monthly Workshop Session at 7:00 p.m. in the Council Chambers (Church and Center Streets) on Thursday, June 29, 2006.

The Public Comment period was dominated by the 35-40 residents who primarily were in attendance to address the New Government Center (read a summary of comments on this issue from the meeting here).

Additionally: It was noted and requested that a moment of silence be held for former Council and County Council Member Luther Snyder who passed away.

Following the Moment of Silence and Public Comment the workshop meeting got underway.

Councilman Kopach noted that the two sinkholes in South New Street were being repaired with bills going to the Water and Sewer companies to fight over. [As a nearby resident there have been two water line breaks since the utilities replaced/upgraded prior to the Street being repaved last year in this very area].

He also noted that from Center to Liberty UGI will be putting a new main in.

Councilman Davis noted that there may be a new funding formula for the Library based on recent meetings with Bushkill Township that would be based on the earned income tax. The Committee will send proposal to the Library Board who will need to vote and notify the municipalities. Under this plan, Nazareth Borough would pay less than it currently does. He also noted that a motion to pay for installation of 3 new circuits on the Circle will be made.

Finally, Councilman Davis noted that the committee making the building proposal met and considered the public comment and has agreed to ask the architect and engineer to reduce the space in the current plan.

Councilwoman Werner noted from Economic Development Committee that the weather has somewhat hampered the start of the pool season attendance but they did have one peak day with 580 swimmers. There is concern however of vandalism to different areas of the park including the sign out front, the cabin, and the amphitheater. Police Chief Ruch noted that they did meet to discuss new rotations and hours to provide additional service.

The Recreation Program was a big success this year as 239 signed up, an improvement from the 175 participants last year. Also noted that the Recreation Program received a grant from the United Way of the Lehigh Valley in the amount of $1000, which was down from last year's $2000, but also received a grant from WalMart.

Noted a resolution to amend the resolutions to the Arts Commission and Historian position to read Nazareth Area instead of Nazareth Borough resident.

Finally it was announced that the Main Street Program Committee, which is not a Council entity, met the night before and discussed their next steps, one of which was selecting a Board of Directors. The group wanted to have one member of Council on the Board and when Councilwoman Werner asked if anyone was interested, none were. She noted the next meeting was Wednesday, July 26, at the Nazareth YMCA and to use the lower entrance (old front door) off Main Street.

Councilman Herbst made a comment that the public property committee needs to be aggressive in maintaining all its properties. He then said that as a matter of procedure the Mayor should be in charge of all emergency management as it relates to a significant event, not day to day, item by item.

He also noted that a meeting will be held on July 31, 7pm to discuss the Skate Park. He also noted that he will be putting forward a resolution to continue planning stage of a dog park opposite Kiwanis Park off Franklin Street. The Park would be fenced in and there would be two parts one for big dogs and one for small ones.

Councilman Samus noted that the Shade Tree Commission has presented plans to beautify the cordner of South Main Street and Route 248. They received a grant and the project would be in three phases spread over three years. Les Little of the Shade Tree Commission noted that because of the work of the Commission Nazareth has again qualified as Tree City USA status.

In a follow-up to establishing some lighting consistency in the borough a meeting was held with the electric company, Ray Orwig and Joe Negrao and it was agreed to maintain a style similar to those on the Circle, along Franklin Street.

There was a near side discussion regarding trash collection and items being left behind. It was noted that anyone with problems should contact Keller Consulting.

There was also a discussion about increased truck traffic on Broad and Prospect that was probably due to the conveyor belt being down. Concern was with new street and overloaded trucks doing damage to them.

Mayor Keller noted that the warning signal system was still being considered, but now in conjunction with the fire company. They believe a new signal system could accomodate all needs and that grant money would most likely be available.

The Mayor also encouraged everyone to attend the Canon Rededication Ceremony on the 4th of July.

A final call for public comment resulted in two remarks. One being that the Borough Pool is celebrating its 70th year in service. The other was in regard to the Bandstand at the park and its status, to which it was noted that with Don Keller out of town they did not have any update.

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