Saturday, January 13, 2007

Board Receives Top Turkey From Express-Times

The Express-Times gave top position in its weekly list of Turkeys (read it here) to the Nazareth Area School District Board of Directors for leaving the pool in the plans of the proposed MS.

While I'm glad to see them being called on strapping the taxpayers with unnecessary extra costs, the issue is not the pool. It is the building itself. We are replicating all the features we have in the current MS. Why? To have a campus.

If we need an IS (and I don't like adding the new transition grade or pulling kids from elementary at 4th grade) build it. Or build an elementary school and bring 6th grade back down from the middle school. You'll achieve you 7&8 grade building, resolve your capacity issue, and best use the facilities we already have built and paid for. Then you would have money for a pool at the new athletic facility not to mention to pay for the teachers and supplies that are needed in the classrooms.

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Anonymous said...

Gobble Gobble... is what will be happening to our tax dollars. The turkey is getting fatter instead of leaner with quality.