Saturday, February 10, 2007

Resident to Candidate follow-up

The program went well and I have audio, but the file is too big as it exists to post right now. I had a .wav file, converted it to MP3, but at 48 minutes in length (two panel sessions plus Q & A) it remains a big file. Will work on splitting it into pieces and will make a post in the future if I get it online.

Also want to thank Bernie O'Hare for a follow-up on Lehigh Valley Ramblings (read it here).

And to JD Malone for coming out, talking with people afterward, and providing coverage in the Express-Times (read his article here).

Prior to the event Joe Owens posted on his blog about the event (read it here) and closed with, "The cynic in me wonders how many “average Joes” or better yet “average Bernies” will show up. But you can’t knock the effort."

On the side we had emailed and he noted in response to my hope of having 20 people attend, that 20 would be a smashing success. Considering that number was doubled, I guess it showed that not Nazareth isn't average - thanks again to everyone who attended and who accessed the information online.

If anyone needs to get in contact with the participants in the program don't hesitate to contact me (


Jonas Wisser said...

If you haven't already, you might consider downconverting it to a lower bit rate- if it's just spoken words, you don't need more than 32 kbps or so, instead of the 128+ common to musical tracks. You'll lose a little bit of quality, but with a vocal track, it shouldn't make much difference.

NewsOverCoffee said...

Thanks Jonas, I used a wav to mp3 conversion and dropped it to the lowest rate.

It did reduce the file size by 75%, but at nearly 50 minutes it still was bigger than 10mb.

I have some editing software I'm going to see if I can knock it down further there, then convert to MP3 and if that doesn't work I'll chop it up into smaller parts.

Other problem is I don't have a site to load it to through FTP, I have to use the upload function and its free space so they don't make it particularly easy to load big files.

Thanks for the note and hopefully I'll get it up without too much frustration.