Thursday, March 25, 2010

LNT Delays New Lowe's at 33 and 248

A vague zoning ordinance has delayed the final approval for a Lowe’s “super store” near the Target and intersection of Routes 33 and 248 according to an article in the Express-Times (read it here).

The new store would employ 183 workers and the building would be 31,600 square feet.  The hang-up is over the required number of parking spots.

Posted via email from Ross Nunamaker


Low Naz Scott said...

Still have no clue what Lowe's is thinking. Why are they building so close to their Freemansburg location?

And another home improvement store is being considered off of 191 by Lonat Rd?!?!?

Markets a bit saturated don't you think?

Weird Nazareth said...

We need another Lowes like we need holes in our heads.

NewsOverCoffee said...

I can't say that I understand why Lowe's would put one there when they have one a couple miles down the road, but out of convenience I like it.

Driving on 33 with lumber sticking out the window, through the seat, into the trunk and lifting as it catches air may be exhilarating, but I could live without it;-)