Wednesday, March 24, 2010

NASD Joins Bangor and Saucon in Pension Protest

The Express-Times reports that the NASD and Saucon Valley have joined with the Bangor School District to appeal to the state legislature to intervene in the pending pension crisis (read the article here).

Posted via email from Ross Nunamaker


whowherewhenwhy said...

It's funny how the administration is never brought into this discussion. Will their benefits and pensions also be looked at.

You have the superintendent making well over 6 figures plus bonuses and principals pretty close themselves. Not to mention all the assistants and assistants to the assistants.

So will they cut some fat from the top also or this just another attack on our teachers.

I think those at the top need to take some responsibility and for once and take a few cuts themselves.

NewsOverCoffee said...

The pension is the Public School Employees Retirement System (PSERS).

It would impact all individuals in this pension system including teachers and administrators.

PSERS Web site