Monday, March 22, 2010

Weekly Blogosphere Round-Up

Can’t miss the weekly round-up too often or Andy will be on my case and since I missed last week, better a day late than not at all - so here goes:

Andy’s Fan Page has all the news you need regarding local sports and broadcasting.  He had a post including all the spring schedules, PCN coverage, and local radio broadcasting.  Plus he was named top fan in the Morning Call this past week – congrats Andy!

Center for the Arts has two performances by Magic Mike this week both are on Saturday (2 and 4 p.m.)  Tickets are online or at the door.

Clonehenge has an article on a replica in Austria and a megalith in Bangor, PA.

House to Home/Yellow House has a book review of the Twilight Series.

Steaming Cup has a few posts including one on Jack Logic and another on the admission by the NASD that it can’t afford its pension contribution.

Lehigh Valley Ramblings had lots of posts on the healthcare bill and a nice St. Patty’s day piece on folks dressed in green at the courthouse.

Nazareth Daily News has posts on articles regarding the Nazareth area from the Express-Times and Morning Call, plus a post celebrating its first month blogging.

Tatamy Happenings has a note from the Mayor and a reminder to fill out and return your Census paperwork (really easy and postage paid return envelope).

Weird Nazareth has a post alerting readers to Obscura Day and one celebration of it in Bucks County.

World of Patrice has a baby photo contest and a post announcing the revision of her Web site.

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