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Boro Council Meeting 4/5/10

Thanks to Becky Butz for taking notes at Monday’s Council Meeting and forwarding them along.  To follow-up on the earlier post about break-ins, apparently there have been about/over 100 reported in the past several weeks/months.

The regular Borough Council meeting was held on Monday, April 5th at 7 pm.

The meeting opened with a hearing.  William Culver of S Green Street requested a hearing before the Council in regard to his wood-burning boiler.  He did receive the proper permit and his boiler did pass inspection, however, many nearby residents have complained about the smoke and the smell.  There have been several fire calls and police calls about the smoke.  The boiler does meet building code, however, it does not meet the property maintenance code nor the nuisance codes.  Neighbors testified to the smoke hanging heavy in the air and the smell permeates the homes. Council will take the matter under advisement and announce their decision next month.

Other residents (Gerry and Louise Weiss and Chris Abel) attended to discuss a fire at the Weiss home in December.  The other half of the Weiss home sustained extensive damage: there was no clean-up of the debris and work to restore that half was delayed for over 2 1/2 months.  The extensive repair work to the Weiss half was delayed because of the lack on action on the other half.  The Weiss's suggested that Council have as ordinance in place stating a time table for clean up and repairs.  The matter was referred to the Law Committee.

Kevin Riechel, representing his family from the Reichel Funeral Homes, attended to praise the work on the walking trails at the Essroc Park at the west end of the Borough.  To continue the work, Kevin presented the Nazareth Borough with a check for $5,000!  Thank you Reichel Family!!

There was discussion on the recent break-ins in the Borough ( approximately 100 incidents in the last few months), and surrounding areas.  Of particular importance was the lack of press coverage. It was felt that if people know about the break-ins, they might be more vigilant.  Chief Trachta reported that the Express Times calls his office every day and he gives them the information, but it seldom appears in print.  The reporter says it's up to the editor what goes in the paper and apparently our news is being cut.  Since this has happened numerous times, the Mayor will call the newspaper to talk to the editor to see why and what can be done.  In the mean time, it was decide to run an ad in The Key to inform the residents of the break-ins, to be more vigilant, and to report anything suspicious to the police.

In response to a resident's question, Chief Trachta announced there is no longer a Block Watch committee and the Police Community Meetings have been discontinued for the time being.

Police - Motion made and passed to hire Lisa Kimble as the Borough's full time Police Administrative Assistant.

Cynthia Werner, chairperson of the Economic Development committee announced that plans are in place to make the pool "more financially stable".  Some jobs have been eliminated to save money and to bring staffing under control.

Motion was made and passed to accept the following Pool rates for the 2010 summer season.  Weekday daily passes are $6.00 for adults, $5.00 for senior citizens and juniors under 18, while children under the age of 5 are admitted "free".  On weekends, daily passes are $7.00 for adults and $6.00 for seniors and juniors.  Season pass rates for Nazareth Area School District residents are as follows:  all family passes are $134.00; adult single rate is $60.00; junior single rate is $45.00; and senior citizen rate is $45.00.  Family passes include 2 adults and 2 children and there is a charge of $10.00 per child over the stated limit of 4 family members.                                    

Motion was made and passed to approve the following rates for the Summer Recreation Program: each child will pay $75.00 for the program or $60.00 if they hold a family season pool pass.  For families with more than one child in the recreation program, the second and each subsequent child will be charged $50.00 or $40.00 if the family has a family season pool pass.

Jack Herbst - Law Committee = Motion voted on and passed on an ordinance altering parking on Broad Street in the vicinity of Copiers, Inc.

No parking for 89 feet on Broad Street from the corner of E Center Street going south.

Charlie Donello - Ecology = Motion to hire Paul Carmanski as a part-time employee for the Borough's Yard Waste Facility.

Motion to nominate Becky Butz to the Shade Tree Commission to fill the unexpired term of Patty Daugherty which ends on December 31, 2011

Rev William Matz - Finance = Motion made and passed to accept the recommendation of the Finance Committee for the refinancing of the Capital Projects borrowing from 2004.  The recommendation is to proceed with a 20 year fixed rate mortgage type borrowing and for a total not to exceed $2138,000.

Mayor Fred Daugherty suggested that more discussion is needed on the issue of a curfew in Nazareth so we can get a handle on crime.  Most of the problems occur between 12 midnight and 4 am and according to Chief Trachta, they are juvenile related.

Monthly Police Report:  69 crimes; follow-up investigations - 11; traffic tickets - 58; warnings issued - 35; traffic accidents


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