Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Borough Pool Rates

The Express-Times has an article from Monday’s Council meeting focused on the new Borough Pool Rates (read the article here).

The new pool plan was the major point of discussion at last week’s workshop meeting. The new plan was approved by a 6-3 vote and from the article (I didn’t attend the meeting, only the workshop) it appears those that voted against it did so primarily because they felt it wasn’t fair to borough residents that non-borough residents were being charged the same fees.

The charge given the Committee, based on the discussion during workshop, was to devise a plan to cut or eliminate the losses at the pool, which were $28,000 last year.

The plan had a few primary components – cut costs by freezing salaries and reducing staff and increase revenue by implementing a community rate, wherein residents of the Nazareth School District could purchase a pass for the same rate.

I don’t anticipate other municipalities to make a donation to the pool in light of the rate change, but I do think given the losses, the plan to reduce the deficit is needed. After the 2010 season is over, the Committee can see what impact the community rate had and they will then have the right information to make a decision on keeping it or going back to the tiered rate structure.

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Mike said...

We are boro residents and in light of the current economic situation in this area and around the country, raising the cost of a pool pass $50 is a huge increase! If they raised it $20 that would be understandable, but it is the boro pool in the boro park...most homes in the boro can't have pools in the backyard, so the pool serves a purpose. why not build revenue by running events on site, or cutting costs or instituting fines for selling dope in the parking lot! Sticking it to the ppl who pay property taxes in the boro to support the pool park and police is an outrage!