Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Fieldhouse at NHS

The Express-Times reports that the NASD will be spending $152,000 to design a new scoreboard and field house (read the article here).

According to the article, “Lesky said bathrooms, a score board, concession stand and sewage hookups were added to the field house after an initial proposal.”

NASD will also be spending $90,000 to rebuild slopes around the Schoeneck Creek and install fencing.

Posted via email from Ross Nunamaker


Scott said...

I am confused. They already built a new fieldhouse at the High school with scoreboard and concession stand. The article mentions a fieldhouse at the intermediate school. Where exactly is this new building going?

NewsOverCoffee said...

my guess is that they mean middle school so it would be in the area between existing stadium and new middle school.

I didn't think they built a new fieldhouse, the old one had the bathrooms for the stadium and was essentially a big garage bay, but I could be wrong haven't been down there in a while.

Kimberly said...

I agree with you. I'm also confused to where this is going.
Ross, there was a brand new building/fieldhouse built at the Mitchell Gate entrance, close to where the old bathrooms and the concession stand are. Inside the building is a weightlifting room, storage, concession, restrooms and team rooms I believe. The new scoreboard is mounted on that building.

Not sure why a fieldhouse would be needed at the intermediate school since the only field really used over there is the softball field for games. I could be wrong, but I think all soccer games are now played in the football stadium.

As for putting a fieldhouse at the new middle school, is that really necessary right now? It seems sort of redundant since the middle school and high school campuses are now linked and aren't that far apart. Wonder if we need to spend that kind of money now??

NewsOverCoffee said...

Based on Kim's note, I'm with you, Scott.

The Intermediate School was originally supposed to have a baseball field, softball field, and soccer field.

The baseball never got built (long story as I recall 'misunderstanding' between the school and the contractor).

Soccer does play at the stadium, when we put the turf in, it was built to soccer specs, which is why we had to build a new track.

The chief complaint by teams using the IS fields was that there were no restrooms unless one walked over to the school building and went into the building.

A concession stand, scoreboard, and weightroom seems to be a bit of overkill for that location if it is used by one team. And a weightroom really wouldn't be utilized by IS students who are in grades 4-6.