Thursday, April 29, 2010

School Layoffs - Not at NASD - For Now

The Express-Times has an article (read it here) addressing the notion of teacher layoffs in the NASD.

In the article it is noted that NASD’s attendance is projected to decrease by 172 students next year and that the goal is to not fill open positions now, so there won’t be layoffs in the future.

Of interest was the note that the NASD is trying to bridge a $1.8M gap in the 2010-11 budget, yet at the last board meeting they continued to pursue new building projects and renovations which would expand facilities and thereby future expenses once operational.

Also of concern should be the funding of the teachers retirement fund, PSERS, which is expected to fall back on local districts in the near future.

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Clem said...

The coming pension crisis has been on the radar for two years. If past performance is any indication, they'll wait until the last minute and, then, feign concern and regret, put heads in hands, and pass a monster tax increase.

To repeat:

-We DO NOT have too many teachers.
-We DO pay too much for each.
-We DO have too many administrators.
-We DO overpay for each.
-We DO spend too much on capital projects.
-We, and the entire state, must press for pension reform for all publicly funded positions.