Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Wawa in LNT

Philly.com has an article from the Philadelphia Inquirer on the Wawa chain and how they are adapting strategy during this economic environment (read the article here).

The article opens discussing the fee-free ATM machines, and then discusses new store openings. Specifically mentioned is the one in Lower Nazareth, which will be the first ‘right-sized’ store in the chain. The difference is that they’ve downsized the number of pumps and cars serviced from 8 pumps and 16 cars to 6 and 12 on a lot of 1.25 acres as opposed to 2.5, which has been standard to date.

The company plans to open 20-25 stores in the next year and building the one in LNT is to begin soon.

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Low Naz Scott said...

Great news! Looking forward to some competition at the pumps...