Thursday, May 06, 2010

Debate for Grucela's Seat

Two democrats and two republicans are running for the seat being vacated by State Rep. Rich Grucela.

The candidates had their first debate and both the Express-Times (read it here) and the Morning Call (read it here) covered the event.

All four candidates have strong ties to the Slate Belt area. Democrats Charles Dertinger and Frank Scagliotta and Republicans Donald Albanese and Joe Emrick discussed the issues and got a few barbs in on one another.

Albanese, a former NJ Assemblyman whose wife is from Bangor, moved back to her hometown 15 years ago. Emrick, who was born and raised in Bangor and now serves as an Upper Nazareth Township Supervisor, said, “the last thing voters want is a New Jersey politician in Harrisburg. 'He may have experience in the [New Jersey] legislature, and some experience is not worth repeating,'” according to the Morning Call article.

They all want to cut waste and discussed a variety of taxes they supported or wanted to drop/reduce.

Considering the barbs made, I’d imagine the mailings and phone calls should be interesting.

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