Monday, May 03, 2010

Dream Kids request: HELP US GET THE WORD OUT!!!

Wanted to share this note with everyone:

Dream Kids friends and family!!!,


Help us get the word out to raise donations for "Penn State Alumni Scholarship Fund" as well as our beloved "Dream Come True".  We are launching into our 15th year of commitment, community service and dedication to young people by performing for others!    I continue to marvel at the folks out there who "believe" in our kids and are 100% engaged in following them, supporting them and donating to a wonderful cause! 


You hear so much bad about the world and hear is a good story.  Great kids who are talented beyond belief and are willing to share it with others.  Most of these kids could be out making their own money, but they choose to give of themselves. They are the future leaders of the Lehigh Valley and beyond.  When Penn State Alumni contacted us after hearing "our kids" and wanted them to help them raise funds for Penn State Alumni, we were proud to say the least!!!


Please consider coming out Tuesday June 22nd at the Penn State Lehigh Valley Campus, 2809 Saucon Valley Road, Center Valley, PA to hear our "little" concert!  We would be grateful for not only supporting our Dream Kids and their platform, Dream Come True.....but also to the folks at Penn State to help them fund their scholarship, which benefits young people as well!  


This is an important year for Dream Kids as we begin to launch our personal fundraiser to get our young people to Florida to perform at "Give Kids the World" and Downtown Disney.  We will be launching our $20 challenge shortly.  Please keep the group in your thoughts and prayers.  It has become very difficult (in today's society, where there is so much going on) to keep a group as positive as this going on this length of time. We continue to thank God, our family, friends and definitely the community for their continued support to keep this group going and growing.  Love and praise to all!!!


Candy, Scott and ALL THE DREAM KIDS!!! -- see some of our new pics and our recently produced CD (just in time for the patriotic season!!!)


PS....there are a limited # of tickets and "per Penn State" they expect a sell get your tics NOW!!!! by e-mailing me back or calling my cell 610-751-7944, Candy


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