Thursday, May 13, 2010

Notes from the previous Council Meeting

Better late than never! Nazareth Borough Council held its Business Meeting on May 3, 2010.

·         Several Boy Scouts from Troops #74 and #44  were present as part of their Citizen's badge.

 A special hearing was held to determine if the smoke emanating form a resident's wood burner violated any code violations.  This had been continued from the last meeting.  The decision of Council was to deny the appeal of the owner to continue use of the wood burner.

·         Betsy Steckel from E Center Street voiced her objections to the meters recently installed on her street.

·         Steve Nichols from Copiers, Inc. voiced his objections to the no parking sign recently installed in front of his business.  Discussion followed.  Jack Herbst made a motion to go back to the Engineer to determine if the sign was in compliance with Penn Dot for safety reasons and to allow trucks to make the turn; also if it should be moved back 10 feet to allow for more parking and also to possibly install curbing and new sidewalks to meet the curb.

·         Becky Butz encouraged Council to pass 2 resolutions that would be introduced by the Law Committee later in the meeting.

·         Paul Kokolus provided cards containing contact information for emergencies, public agencies and officials.  The cards are also available at Borough Hall.

·         Council unanimously moved to place legal notices and ordinance ads in the Nazareth Key when deemed necessary to supplement the required ads in the Bath Home News so that citizens will be aware of pending Council action.  Decisions will be made on a case by case basis.

·         Council moved to approve Resolution No. 5-10 putting in place a formula for the implementation of a Responder/Investigator/Prosecutor system for violation of Borough ordinances.  The formula outlined in the Resolution specifies who responds, who investigates and who prosecutes violations by category.  The motion passed 6 to 3.  (Jack Herbst of the Law Committee further defined the formula:  technical and structural ordinances will go to Keller Engineering; non-technical, high grass, weeds, parked cars, etc will be referred to the Police Department.)

·         Motion made to direct the Engineer to begin preparations for the installation of the walking trails at Essroc Fields.

·         Motion moved to direct the Secretary to send a letter of appreciation to Reichel Funeral Homes and the Reichel family thanking them for their donation of $5,000 to fund the walking trails at Essroc Fields.

·         Police report:  45 crimes reported and investigated; 11 follow-up investigations; 25 criminal arrests; 52 traffic tickets; 32 warnings issued.

·         As per the Mayor's Message in the Nazareth News - "I encourage each and every citizen to get involved in some way to better our community". 

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