Thursday, July 08, 2010

Council Workshop meeting minutes

Many thanks to Becky for forwarding notes from the Council Workshop meeting. You can read the borough minutes/agenda here. Meant to get these posted earlier, but Holiday took me offline and am still digging out from the email avalanche:

The regular Workshop meeting of the Nazareth Borough Council was held on Thursday, July 1, 2010 at 7 o’clock in Council Chambers.

There were no comments from floor; there were only 3 citizens in attendance!

The Shade Tree Commission is looking for volunteers as a result of several recent resignations.  Anyone interested can contact Charles Donnelo in care of the Borough office.

Up for review at Council Meeting on Tuesday night, is the approval of a hiring policy and also a work-place harassment policy.

Councilwoman Werner announced that the pool figures are looking good thanks to the wonderful weather.  The rubberized paint on the deck area at the pool is working out very well.  Initially, a family pass for the pool was set at $134 for a family of four.  This has been amended to reflect a family of any number.

Councilman Herbst stated that the Law Committee is discussing an alternative energy ordinance.  There has also been discussion with Lower Nazareth Township regarding the tax situation presented by a new retail center scheduled to be built at Jandy Blvd and Route 248 which borders on both municipalities.

Councilman Maurek entertained discussion on the skateboard park.  The rules regarding no bicycles or scooters are not being followed and it has become a problem.  The current effectiveness of the park manager was questioned and it was decided that the police should be called more often if there are violations.  It was also decided that the skateboard park area should be closed if bicycles and/or scooters are in the area.  Chief Trachta stated that if any of the rules are violated, including littering, smoking, and/or profanity, the skateboard park area should be closed for that day.    It was emphasized that more strict enforcement is needed.

The regular Nazareth Borough Council Meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 6th at 7pm at Council Chambers.  Please note the change from Monday, July 5th.

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