Saturday, August 14, 2010

Booster Clubs Kickoff Celebration

I received this note about an event taking place on August 27:

In an effort to create excitement and support for our sports athletics and performing arts programs we are having a Fall sports Booster Clubs Kickoff Celebration and Paint the Town Blue campaign.

This will be a week long event that will include all of our schools fall athletic teams, dance team, marching band and local businesses. The goal is to get every organization to participate with their own unique contribution. This event will take the pep rally to the next level and integrate fund-raising with public excitement.

It will be held on August 27 at 7:00 pm at Andrew S. Leh Stadium. Special Appearance by Andrew S. Leh

Leading the Kickoff Celebration we will ask local businesses, families and members of the community to hang blue Christmas lights, flags, banners and anything else blue in an effort to “Paint the Town Blue.”

Special Guest Tyler Grady

Carnival like Atmosphere, with food and games ADMISSION PRICE $2.00 - CHILD $4.00 - ADULT

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