Friday, October 01, 2010

PSSA Scores Are Out

Didn’t notice too much out there about the release of PSSA scores, but do want to thank the reader that forwarded to me some numbers tracking progression of a class over time.

Today’s 6th grade class, that was scored in 5th last year had some significant concerns in reading. Only 13.3% were advanced in reading compared to 40.5% when they were tested in 4th grade, and 20.5% were indicated as below basic in reading compared to only 6% when they were in 4th grade.

Overall, our tested students struggle more in reading than math up until 11th grade when the trend reverses, with a greater percent below basic in reading than in math.

Traditionally, as students get older, scores go down. This again holds true with the current 12th graders. What is alarming is nearly 18% were below basic in math.

The current 11th graders have held pretty steady year to year in math and have improved significantly in reading. The 10th graders numbers are similar to 11th.

The current 9th graders had the highest scores with 75% advanced in math and 65% advanced in reading compared to 3% and 5% below basic. This group has also ranged the most with reading scores in advanced fluctuating between 24% and 65% and math between 52% and 75%

The current 8th graders have pretty high scores as well with 74% advanced in math and 55% in reading.

7th grade has increased in those below proficient in reading each year while advanced has ping-ponged 26-49-27-40%, and in math those below basic have been over 10% each of the past two times the tests have been administered.

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