Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Thanksgiving Story

The Morning Call’s Keith Groller has a nice story in today’s paper about Nazareth’s Gabby Flank and the relationship she developed with the Northampton Softball Team facilitated by Angel 34 (read it here).

Gabby is a 7th grader at NAMS and for the past several years have been battling Leukemia. Angel 34 is a non-profit formed in 2003 and based in Bushkill Township that was the inspiration of Nicole Sheriff, a then 14 year old facing bone cancer. Nicole believed, “that every child have their own angel during their time of need and if possible to share her angel with them.” She died in 2004 and her parents Doug and Linda have grown the organization to serve children and their families in their greatest time of need.

Prior to running the foundation, Doug was an Athletic Director and Nicole a softball player for Northampton.

At Angel 34, the Northampton HS Softball Team spent time at the facility, meeting the children, and doing what they could to raise spirits if only for a day. On that day the team met Gabby and instead of wishing her well, leaving, and returning to their daily life, the team formed a bond with her and have continued their support and encouragement away from the center that Angel 34 operates.

During the most difficult times, Gabby was out of school regularly, but her friends at Northampton kept her in mind, invited her to practices and games, and made her a part of their team going so far as to giving her a medal when they were the LVC Runners-up in 2009.

At this time of year when we give thanks for what we have it is nice to see a story about student-athletes giving selflessly to help a child not once, but in an on-going manner, and thanks to Keith Groller for sharing the story.

To learn more about Angel 34 visit their web site.

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