Monday, January 31, 2011

LNT Approves SubDivision

LNT Supervisors approved a new subdivision that was previously to be a 55+ community, but the age restriction was lifted according to an article in the Express-Times (read it here).

Ashley Development has approval to build up to 374 homes with 180 townhouses and 140 single family homes to be built initially.

Posted via email from Ross Nunamaker


Anonymous said...

Dr. Lesky, I hope you read this.

first, why is your first reaction to always find a way to spend more money? Build a new school? Are you serious?

Most of our schools are at 50% capacity right now. Are you assuming that EVERY new house in this development will have at least one elementary school age child?

Where were you 5-10 years ago when the real housing boom happened and you did absolutely nothing?

The taxpaying community CANNOT afford another school, nor can we afford any more spending.

Just for once, we would like to hear you mention some sort of cut in spending. The administration is bloated with large salaries and more administrators than we need.

The silver plate of benefits and pay raises for both teachers as well as administrators is bleeding us dry.

If, and that is a big IF, there is an impact on LNES, instead of building yet another school, why don't you get creative and figure out how to utilize all of the empty space that we taxpayers are currently paying for instead of adding yet more debt on our shoulders.

The Battle Cry of Freedom said...

You and your neighbors need to get together and come to the Board Meetings of the Nazareth District. With one or two exceptions, the Board members are money addicted. They see you as a source of revenue that will never show up to complain. The school district is in trouble and not only financially. They have done things to the students that completely eliminates the strength of the individual by creating little communes made up of the children who are just casually tossed together with absolutly no care for the kids and keep in mind that they do nothing to encourage you to come and check the schools.
We need to go back to things like dress codes for students, teachers and administrators. We need to hire teachers who are content oriented, a BA behind their name not an ED. The restoration of discipline is essential and the BIGGEST TASK IS THE RESTORATION OF OUR BOYS WHO NEED TO BE MEN. BOYS ARE DROPPING OUT OF SCHOOL BECAUSE THEY ARE BORED TO DEATH DUE TO LACK OF ACTIVITY. SCHOOLS NEED TO BE SET UP WITH GIRLS IN THEIR SCHOOL AND BOYS IN THEIRS.