Wednesday, January 26, 2011

NASD Budget Hike

It comes as no surprise that the NASD has proposed a budget with a tax increase. The Express-Times reports on the latest Board meeting wherein the NASD has noted they aren’t certain if it will be 1.7% or 2.5%, because it is too early to know what the revenue may be (read the article here).

This budget requires us to spend $20 million more to educate the same number of students that we did five/six years ago.

Over the holidays I wrote a few posts concerning NASD spending and budgets.

·         A Brief Budget History

·         A Review of Revenue and Expenditures

·         A Look at Enrollment, Salary, and Benefits

·         The Real Cost of the New MS

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The Battle Cry of Freedom said...

I want you to know that those posts will be used in presentations to the board. Not all of us are asleep on this matter. Will keep you posted