Monday, February 14, 2011

Borough Noise Ordinance

The Nazareth Borough Council updated its noise ordinance following two citations against the Internet Café, which has held open mic nights outdoors (read the article here) according to an article in the Express-Times.

The new ordinance requires purchase of a decibel meter and businesses would have to be under 62 or 90 decibels depending on the zoning area. Exemptions for holidays, religious purposes and a variety of other activities are included.

Posted via email from Ross Nunamaker


The Battle Cry of Freedom said...

Noise ordinances do not do what they are suppose to do and that is keep the decibel level low. Instead it allows people to make lots of noise until 10PM. Not all are night owls and many are in bed because they want to or need to be in bed at an early hour. Turn the noise down, have respect for your neighbors and lower the time to 8:30-9:00PM. And keep in mind no foul language is tolerated under any noise ordinance

krolart said...

Does the noise ordinance apply to motorcycles????

mindboggled said...

How long until this goes un-enforced like the barking dog ordinance?

Elyssia said...

Have there been many complaints filed against the Internet Cafe?

NewsOverCoffee said...

My understanding is that the police where called and as such had to investigate. At which point they cited the Cafe.

At the same time, I recall several calls made against a now closed bar in the west end, which I don't recall ever having been cited for noise. I don't know if the police went to the bar to investigate, but the neighbors were so upset they came to council meetings to complain.

Maybe it was more disorderly conduct than noise and not a 'fair' comparison, but what I heard at the meeting and in the newspaper was that one person called and complained prompting the visit to the Cafe.