Monday, February 28, 2011

Dept of Welfare and NASD Put Local Family in Tough Spot

A Nazareth area family who filed a medical malpractice suit and after two years was awarded nearly $200,000, now finds the Department of Welfare has placed a lien against the settlement, because the NASD has been billing Medicaid for services provided to the now 15 year old freshman student according to an article in the Express-Times (read it here).

In the article the family claims they were unaware the NASD was billing Medicaid.

The article notes, “In the Salzmans' original malpractice suit, the health care provider's insurance company went bankrupt, leaving the state of New Jersey responsible for the settlement. Due to state law, the Salzmans' payout was capped at $300,000, according to legal documents.”

Further, the money is to last the boy his entire life and now the state wants to take $50,000 of it. The family claims they have used up their savings in attorney’s fees and expenses related to the suit and their son’s care.

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