Friday, February 04, 2011

Regional Police for the Borough

The Express-Times has another article on Nazareth Mayor Fred Daugherty encouraging Council to consider regionalization of the police force (read it here).

The primary driver according to the article is the fact that the cost of the department is up over 50% from six years ago coupled with the current force being comprised of three people with three vacancies.

I did have the opportunity to discuss this with the Mayor privately, and I can say from a general perspective that his interest is in determining if regionalization would be a benefit to the borough, and if so what impact it would have on the police coverage that people expect.

We spoke specifically about the differences between a township and borough and I noted as posted previously that my gut is to have a dedicated force, but at the same time my real concern is having dedicated service especially for the downtown and park, regardless of who is providing it.

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