Friday, March 04, 2011

Sinkhole Update

Following up on the post made here yesterday morning, the Express-Times posted an article later in the day on the sinkhole and cost to repair it (read it here).

Posted via email from Ross Nunamaker


The Battle Cry of Freedom said...

If I remember correctly, and I do, we were told that all sorts of testing was done to make sure we were not putting the new school in an area of the limestone belt. No problem here we were told. Nothing like what happened at the Middle School on Tatany Road. Why in the world are the citizens not storming the ramparts of the Nazareth School District to pull out King Lesky to tar, feather and run out of town. Does News Over Coffe have anything in its archives on this matter? On top of all this is it true that the pool is still leaking and that it is not the correct size for meets. Inquiring minds want to know

NewsOverCoffee said...

I do recall attending the meetings about the site location and being told appropriate testing was taking place.

Regarding the pool, I did get confirmation from the school that the pool was the proper size and certified for competition. This was posted on the site and you should be able to find it through search.

I have not heard if the leak was fixed or not. They had been unsuccessful early on at both identifying and stopping it.

Finally, I did notice there was still equipment at the track in the area of the latest sinkhole this morning.

The Battle Cry of Freedom said...

Like you I saw as of yesterday that the equiptment for fixing the sinkhole is still there.
As to the size of the pool, I spoke to someone who told me that the pool is large enough to handle the local school meets but not the bigger meets that would bring in cash.
On another topic, big shake up by Tom Corbett. Maybe we will get lucky and get back to Basics while getting rid of the nonsense stuff being taught there. I would suggest that this freeze also be applied to the legislature and their staff. They came under the same change pertaining to pensions when the teacher change occurred under Ridge.
Are you aware of the fact that students cannot be failed in the elementary grades. No failing until one reaches seventh grade. That is foolishh. Some of our greatests people would tell you that they learned more from their failures then their successes. I could be more understanding of this if the teachers were more demanding of the students and the type of work they turn in. If the work is sloppy, and it is, they need to toughen up on this and other matters.