Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Gracedale Sale in Voters' Hands

The Court has ruled that a ballot question on the sale of Gracedale can proceed. The Morning Call (read it here) reports on the issue.

The County claims the facility is costing significant money, while proponents claim over time it has been a revenue generator.

The County has an offer by two companies to jointly purchase the facility plus 18 acres for $35M with an option to purchase an additional 26 acres for future development. That sale will now be on hold until the election when voters decide if the County can sell the facility or not.

The reality is that putting the vote in the hands of voters all but assures the facility will remain a County asset (or liability depending on your viewpoint). The facility employs a large number of people, who would probably rather be county employees than private company employees. It is an odd year election, which means turn-out will be very low and the only people voting will be those who always do and those who have a stake – the employees and their families. Local unions will almost certainly encourage their membership to vote as well. There is no organized group in favor of the sale even close in size.

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The Battle Cry of Freedom said...

Look for a substantial county tax increase. The union had not given back an iota. Possibly the board can refuse to fund it.