Thursday, April 07, 2011

Police Merger Discussions Continue

In conducting its due diligence regarding options for police coverage in the borough, Nazareth Council has reached out to Colonial Regional, Upper Nazareth, and Bushkill regarding any possibilities to merge according to the Express-Times (read it here).

Nazareth considered this option four or five years ago and elected to remain with its own force. Consequent cost increases coupled with a current staff of three active full-time officers, have Council again reviewing options.

The latest article by the Express-Times is primarily focused on current Chief Trachta’s desire to have all part-time officers retained along with the current three full-time officers (we typically have 6). He also wanted to maintain 24 hour two person coverage.

And that is where I think the heart of the matter lies. If we enter into an agreement for coverage, we want to maintain a regular presence in the borough, share the overhead costs, and have additional support if necessary. For me those are the key elements, more than where the office is physically located. I don’t want an officer ‘on duty covering the borough’ to actually be in East Allen Township or some other area. I want them remaining in the borough.

What do you think?

Posted via email from Ross Nunamaker


Chris said...

I agree with what you say as to an officer staying in the borough. I do not believe that will happen if a merger occurs. The borough made some horrendous mistakes with the force among them the hiring of the Cruz gal She had a sordid reputation had someone taken the time to look instead of making a decision to be politically correct and hire a female.

John Huber said...

So if we require them to maintain a 2 person team in the borough at all times I then assume that they need a "station"...for personal matters, interviews, holding cell, etc... Then if we wight all the costs I cannot see how we can't afford to maintain our OWN 2 person force 24hrs x 7 x 365... We need a WORKING chief. Not a paper pusher... We need to get busy with traffic stops (money maker) and I think we all agree 24hr presence or not it's still a RE ACTIVE force not a PRO ACTIVE force.

NewsOverCoffee said...

John, if we have 6 officers, plus part-timers to get to 2 full time all the time it is going to cost more than if we merge with another force that has say 20 officers plus detectives plus a chief. We share the cost of the detectives and chief and use as needed, plus with 20 full time we know we'll always have 2.

Space shouldn't be an issue as we relocated our municipal and police to the new building on South Main. They can maintain a presence there at no additional cost.

When you are restricted in resources and capacity you are forced to be re active. When you have them you can be pro active.

Let's see what options are available, sounds like you want the same thing everyone else does - a regular presence in the borough at a good/acceptable cost, doing their job the way they want to be able to do it.