Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time Limit on Public Comment

The Express-Times reports that the NASD is moving forward with a plan to limit public comment to 15 minutes (read the article here).

The Board claims the move is for efficiency. I can only imagine this means the budget talks are going to be very bad this year, because there have not been any recent issues that would be drawing out comments to make meetings inefficient and thereby creating a need for this. The Express had to pull a photo from 2007 to find a crowd, and it was related to the decision to build a pool which was a small coalition making a lot of noise (30-40 people compared to 24,000 residents).

According to the article Dr. Lesky encouraged people to email him by November 7 with their thoughts on the policy. You can reach him here: vlesky@nazarethasd.org

My thoughts: don't legislate for the sake of having additional legislation. And don't expect people not to protest limiting comments when something does come up that more than three people want to comment on.

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