Thursday, November 10, 2011

13 Rationale at NAMS


Eagle Eye, the Nazareth Area Middle School's newsletter has a post that was made prior to Wednesday's three performances for the student body that led to apparent parent complaints and a letter from principal Kern to parents (read the letter here). You can read the preview here.

I wrote about the show and reaction yesterday (read it here).

Tonight I found this post about why the production was selected written by students and apparently based on the theatre teacher's responses to their questions.

There is also a photo of the promotional poster which has a big PG stamp in the bottom right corner (hopefully that renders correctly).

 “From the first scene, there was so much energy, and then I knew I needed to do this show someday,” said Mr. Salevsky.

The post goes on to say:

“I had to wait for the play to become available since it’s a new show, and you have to wait for the off Broadway version to come out.”  Mr. Salevsky waited for the play, and was excited when it finally arrived!

No mention of content, editing, alterations due to the age group and probable audience.

 Mr. Salevsky shared that auditions were not an easy decision.  When asked about the selection process he stated, “It was really tough; over 70 people auditioned and this play has a very small cast of 17, and that includes ensemble.”
“The part that was actually the hardest was choosing all of the roles for the students that were selected.”

As noted, the promotion for the Broadway production was "For grown-ups about growing up."

The production is this Friday and Saturday, tickets are $7.00, $5.00 for students and seniors.

My understanding is that the language is being 'cleaned up' (for instance "slut" is "naughty girl"), but the show is the show no matter how much you change terminology. While I hate to say it because I'm sure the kids worked really hard and deserve their performance, maybe this show shouldn't go on.

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