Thursday, December 15, 2011

Consideration for Others

Yesterday I was driving home after work and travelling on Main Street, north bound. In my lane, adjacent to GoodFellas and the Chinese Restaurant sat a Toyota Solara with its flashers on, double-parked. One car was able to get around, but the light changed and with oncoming traffic no one else was able to do so and we sat. A minute or so later, a man appeared between two parked cars carrying a bag of take-out food and got into the driver's side of the vehicle. Another minute or so later (I'd imagine in the interest of safety he was storing the food and buckling up properly) he turned the flashers off and proceeded to the light. 

We see people acting as if the world revolves around them all the time. Often they are oblivious to how rude they are even being, but yet when I see something like I did last night (at 5:40 pm) I remain incredulous.

Posted via email from Ross Nunamaker

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Michele said...

I work on 18th Street in Wilson/Easton. As I drive home on Ferry Street EVERY night, I must maneuver around at least one to two cars double parked. The part that really annoys me is that one spot up there's a legal and OPEN spot they could pull in to, but they choose to double park and inconvenience others. I'm guessing it's just laziness on their part. Multiple times there are cars double parked in each direction; I feel like I'm driving through a MAZE :(