Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Tracking Nazareth Residents Across the Nation

In the quest to find all the news out there about Nazareth, PA, I happened across an article from a Lake Charles, Louisiana television station web site about the Atlantic City Casino shutdown that included a quote from a Nazareth, PA resident.

The resident, Lisa Smith, was quoted on the NBC station article as saying, "It's really good. We're here for just the boardwalk the beach and food," she said. "It's a much more wholesome vacation. The gamblers have all left."

The report went on to say, "But her mother, Sue Karpowich, had mixed feelings. "My husband and I are sort of missing the gambling, but it's saving us money."

You can read it here.

It was reported here that NBC had a van reporting from the Kazoo Parade and Cannon Dedication on the 4th, now they're tracking our borough residents to Atlantic City, NJ, I think they're going after that now famous moniker, "there goes that news van again," from rival ABC;-)

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