Tuesday, March 20, 2007

District Magistrate Candidate Out

The second candidate for District Magistrate to replace Elmo Frey has been forced out of the race.

According to the Morning Call (read it here) and the Express-Times (read it here) Linda Silfies will not be on the ballot because she did not have enough valid signatures on her petition.

Silfies' petition was challenged and found to have had 15 invalid signatures leaving her 4 short of the 100 minimum required.

Colonial Regional police Detective Gary Hammer, Northampton County Sheriff's Department Lt. John Capobianco, Upper Nazareth Police Chief Alan Siegfried, Bangor lawyer Yvonne Falcone and Northampton County Corrections Director Todd Buskirk are on the ballot.

Previously, Mark Franczak withdrew after announcing his candidacy due to residency.

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Anonymous said...

Don't these things usually come in threes! Who's next?