Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lower Nazareth Holds Line on Taxes

Thanks to LN Citizens group for forwarding this information along from their site:

Noticed Upper Nazareth did not have a tax increase and thought I would pass along this excerpt from the Lower Nazareth Blog:

#2 - Now here’s some good news. Mr. Tenges reported the draft budget does NOT include a tax increase for 2009, the tax rate for LNT (Lower Nazareth Township) will remain 4.15 mils. The overall budget purportedly has a net increase of $42,500. Reflected in the budget is an increase of approximately $50K for the Colonial Regional Police contract (mostly wages & benefits) and a tentative budget increase of 4% for the Nazareth Area Library as well as an increase of ~$30K for the Fire Department. Mr. Tenges claimed reductions in other areas of the budget allow the Township to maintain basically a flat budget. A copy of the budget has been requested and will be posted when obtained. The draft budget will be advertised and it is anticipated the Board will vote on it at the first meeting in December (12/03/08 @ 7:30pm). Tim noted that the 2009 budget also makes provision for an additional person in the Road Department when he’s ready to fill it. (Don’t know, and didn’t ask if this is the Roadmaster position at + $60k per year. Will look for it in the budget.)

The rest of the notes regarding the Board Meeting last night can be read here:

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