Monday, April 05, 2010

Nazareth Borough Council

Last Thursday night, Borough Council held their monthly Workshop meeting in advance of tonight’s Meeting (begins at 7:00 p.m. in Council Chambers located at Church and Center Streets).

I was able to stay for the first hour and here is a rundown of what was discussed:

·         Jack Herbst was absent all other Council people were in attendance

·         Highway materials bids and then equipment bids were opened and recorded

o   A question was asked where the bids were announced, the answer was only the Bath Home News

o   The borough has decided to save costs it would only advertise in this publication, despite the fact that residents receive the US and the Key for Free and that many receive either the Express-Times or the Morning Call, but not the Home News

·         John Meckes, new President of Insomniak Theatre, introduced himself and his Board and gave a brief overview of the work they were trying to do at the theatre.  They also noted they would not be using the Park this year as the logistics were very challenging for their group.  Finally, they asked if there was any funding mechanism or process/organization within the Borough to help coordinate fundraising for the various organizations operating in the Borough. Mayor Fred Daugherty suggested they speak with myself, Ross Nunamaker, due to my role as Business Manager for the Center for the Arts to see what opportunities may exist and to attend the Center’s Board meeting to gain a better understanding of what they are doing.

·         Question regarding the street sweeper purchase including if it was budgeted for, which it was not. They did compare the price of purchase vs. a rental and the $185,000 over six years was better value than renting. The money this year will come from the Ecology Fund which has had funds for several year that were not used. There are roughly 27 miles of streets in the borough and the sweeper will go on all of them. The primary purpose is to keep cinder, stone, and other items from being washed into the storm drain system, which can cause damage and be very costly.

·         Recycling area is now open, question arose if one owns property in the borough, but resides outside the borough, how can they use it? The Borough now has a list of property owners, so in that case, bring your license and they will confirm you have property

·         Question regarding plaques for two memorial trees that had been planted, but the plaques were not yet placed. The Borough apologized and noted there had a delay getting them from the engraver, but they did arrive in the office and would be placed.

·         I requested some time in the beginning of the next workshop to provide Council with an update on the Center for the Arts. The Center’s Commission is a Commission of the Borough and at our Board meeting the week before it was determined that a quarterly update was important.

That ended the Community Comment portion of the agenda. The Council Committee Chairs were then asked what they would have on the agenda, or needed to discuss:

·         Larry Stoudt requested an executive session for personnel, and Dan Chiavaroli added he needed one as well

·         Stoudt noted the Police Chief would like to purchase vests for 32 hour officers, he will be making a motion to approve the purchase of 3 vests and each officer will pay back $10 every two weeks (each vest is roughly $500 and vest will be paid off in three years)

·         Stoudt also noted that the Chief discussed cameras for the Park and potentially some other areas, but there were no details and said it required further discussion

·         Frank Maurek noted property use approvals of 6/11 and 12 by the Rotary of the Circle and August 28 and 29 of the Park for a Strong Man competition

·         Maurek said he was not pleased with the amount of trash in the areas of the Skate Park, Basketball, and Tennis Courts at the Park. He felt that fines should be imposed and that if people want to use these facilities they should do a better job of keeping them clean.

·         There was also a discussion regarding outsourcing of grass cutting, which didn’t have a resolution.

·         Charles Donello reported for Law noting there would be a No Parking Ordinance and Fire Ordinance required

·         Cindy Werner addressed the Pool and plan that was developed in response to Council asking the committee to develop a plan to reduce losses and potentially provide a revenue. The Committee received help from YMCA Director Frank Frey. Due to the many fixed costs affiliated with the pool in the form of maintenance, the primary means of cutting expenses is to reduce staff and salaries. Additionally, the length of the season was adjusted so that the pool will open Memorial Day Weekend and operate on Saturday and Sunday until school is out. To encourage more attendance, the pool will try a month or two of free Wi-fi so parents bringing children can have internet access. Also, instead of a borough and non-borough rate, there will instead be a community rate provided to all individuals living within the NASD borders set at $6 an adult weekday and $7 on weekend and $6 and $5 per day for children and seniors. The family rate is $134 (this includes 2 adults and 2 children with an additional fee for each additional child). In providing the community rate, the Committee will make a request from each borough and municipality to make a donation to the pool.

·         There was a very long discussion on this item, during which I had to leave.

Council meets tonight beginning at 7:00 p.m.

Posted via email from Ross Nunamaker

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Art said...

The Council always publishes notice of things it intends to do in the Bath Home News. They use the excuse it is cheaper, but that does not explain why they cannot put notices in the Key also. It really seems they do not want Nazareth residents to know what they are doing. Many of us have never even heard of the Bath Home News.