Monday, April 05, 2010

Nazareth Residents: Break-ins Continue

Got a note from a reader in the borough who last week had personally
experienced having their garage broken into. They live in the West end near
the five points intersection.

Their break-in took place on Tuesday evening, they made the police report
and learned there were a very large number of break-ins of both automobiles
and garages. And that there were more on Wednesday night.

If you see anything call police, try to leave outdoor lights on, and let's
all hope that a few of these people get caught and made pretty good examples
of or it is only going to get worse heading into summer.

Also, there is a Borough Council meeting tonight, would be a good place to
ask questions if you are concerned about what is happening and what is being
done to prevent it.

Posted via email from Ross Nunamaker

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