Sunday, April 04, 2010

Weekly Blogosphere Round-Up

Happy Easter!  The weather has been tremendous for the holiday this year and like many others, we’ve tried to be outside as much as possible.  Had fun on Friday going to Oakland Valley Race Park, a Kart track, and having my first experience at a track and in a kart intended to race as opposed to “amusement/entertainment”. Saturday was all outdoor work, even got the lawn mower out, blade sharpened, and grass cut. Today, Sunday School, Church, and a big family lunch. Am sure we’ll sit out on the deck tonight and enjoy the weather! Hope everyone has a great day!

Andy’s Fan Page – has schedules for PCN, Big Ten Network, and the 2010 Nazareth High School Football team.  Andy also has some posts from other sources including NOC (thanks for sharing the news with your audience Andy).

Breakfast in the Valley has been taking a break last posting in January, hope all is well with them and with the weather getting nicer we’ll see some new reviews in the near future.

Center for the Arts announced its April Gallery artist is James DePietro, whose work will be on display throughout the month.  Gallery hours are Tuesday and Saturday from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. and on the evening of performances.

Clonehenge has a ginger henge, but the show stopper is the pastel colored Peep Henge.

The Yellow House (formerly House to Home) has an Easter post showcasing a few of the basic decorations featuring eggs and bunnies, the announcement that the powder room is nearly finished, and a post on how ‘we’ spend our time, which I think more than a few of us can relate to (I love ‘unplugged’ days too!)

Steaming Cup has been busy with posts on healthcare bill, what NJ residents think about PA commuters, a special thank you and a post on comments made on Web sites. This last post drew 20+ comments discussing the good and bad of using anonymous names when posting.

Lehigh Valley Ramblings has plenty of political coverage including some election ballot challenges and local Tea Party news.

Lower Nazareth Citizen’s Forum has not posted for close to a year, guess it is probably time to take it off the list. The site stopped being updated about the time LNT launched its new Web site.

Maker Diaries is back with a post on the development of an entry for this year’s Adult Soap Box Derby race in Nazareth.

Nazareth Daily News continues to highlight articles from the media related to the Nazareth area and the site has added Google Ads and a poll, which currently asks if you’ve filled out the Census.

Tatamy Happenings had a reminder to fill out your Census information along with information regarding borough street sweeping.

Weird Nazareth’s last post was on the woman who tried to break into her home following a domestic dispute by burning the screen. Also noticed the banner includes a soap box car, guess someone’s excited about the upcoming derby!

World of Patrice has a post featuring an image of the week, an announcement regarding a showing of her work, and the winner of her contest that was announced here previously.

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