Friday, April 09, 2010

Palmer Police Arrest Suspected Break-In Duo

Palmer police arrested two men who are suspected of breaking into vehicles and garages in Nazareth, Palmer, Plainfield, Upper Nazareth and other area municipalities according to the Express-Times (read the article here).

There have been no charges against the two in Nazareth, but they are suspected of 47 break-ins in the borough, roughly half of what has been reported in the past several months.

Police described the activity as ‘car-hopping’ because the vehicles and garages were not ‘secured’. I hope this doesn’t mean it is a lesser charge, because regardless of secured or not, the two entered property that was not theirs and stole.

The article quotes Nazareth Police Chief Trachta:  "It's a major case due to the number of victims," Trachta said. "It's a very serious crime because people feel violated."

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