Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tax Hike and Deficit

The Express-Times reports (read it here) that the NASD discussed its 2010-11 budget and has opted to go with a 2.96% tax increase, but are looking at a $1.8million shortfall in doing so.

The article makes note of the athletic budget, which represents 1.5% of the total budget, and indicates that it was increased 5.2% to $1,034,106, meaning last year’s expenses were roughly $985,000 providing a difference of $49,106. The article states the increase is due to the anticipated loss of football and wrestling gate receipts. If this is the case, the school is anticipating earning close to $50,000 less in revenue from these two sports.

Wrestling has not has as significant gate receipts as it did many years ago because the structure of the season schedule changed significantly as did the length of the dual meet season. Fifteen years ago, Nazareth had as many as 700 season ticket holders for wrestling and most of the schedule was comprised of dual meets, which meant ticket holders would have as many as ten events to attend and would be guaranteed a seat for either rival Northampton or Easton, which then sold out in the home gyms.  Looking quickly at the school calendar, there were four dual meets at home last season including Allen and Central, which are not a large draw. Four events with 5000 total attendance by $4 = $20,000 in total revenue (one sell out and three partially filled events).

In football, you have a nine game regular season so every year you ought to have 4 or 5 home games. If there are 6000 paid at $4 you have earnings of $24,000 per game.

Combined it doesn’t seem that the nearly $50,000 increase in funding could be due to an anticipated loss of revenue next season, particularly when you consider basketball probably did very well last season and this upcoming season compared to recent past seasons.

The final vote on the budget is to take place next Monday.

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