Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pool Leak

The Express-Times reports that the NASD MS pool, which has been losing water, has a second problem (read the article here).

First, a pipe was leaking under the teachers’ parking lot. Now they’ve found a separation between the pool shell and deck through which water was leaking.

The pool was losing 5,000 gallons of water a day, which prompted officials to look for a leak. After finding the first one, they were still losing 2,500 gallons of water a day.

The pool was then drained, inspected, and refilled. It continued to lose 2500 gallons per day and dye was then used to find the second leak.

The article had this quote, ‘"All work is still under warranty," Lesky said. There won't be any cost to taxpayers to fix the leaks.’

An eight lane, 25 foot competition pool has 648,000 gallons of water in it (I don’t know if this is the size of our pool, but it sounds right). For one month the pool lost 2500 gallons a day (75,000 gallons of water) and for a period of time before that it lost 5000 gallons a day (two weeks would equal 70,000 gallons).

You could guesstimate that these leaks resulted in the extra use of 793,000 gallons of water. On my consumer account I pay $0.007890 per gallon used, which means it probably cost the district about $6000.00 to replace the lost water. There is also the cost of staff who had to investigate and spend time with the contractors to find and fix the problem. I don’t know how many staff and how many hours, but even if it was a total of forty hours by all parties, you’re talking about a full week of pay. If an administrator was involved, and there was probably more than one, a week of work would equal about $1730 in salary.

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Clem said...

What, no warranty?

jim said...

thats alot of water. wonder if there is a possibility of a sinkhole being formed now. that would not be good.

Jimmie said...

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