Tuesday, August 24, 2010

County - Use it or Lose it

The Morning Call has an article (read it here) on County funds available for municipalities to purchase open space, preserve farmland, or improve existing parks, but the municipalities must notify the County by mid-September and have a grant app submitted by the end of September to receive the funding.

Given the County’s budget situation, the funds not used are likely to be swallowed and used for general operating expenses.

According to the article:

In 2002, county voters approved by a nearly 2-1 margin a nonbinding referendum allowing the county to borrow $37 million to fund parks, open space and farmland preservation. Of that, $4 million was allocated in 2005 for municipalities to buy land for parks and recreation or to improve existing parks. The amount available for each municipality was based largely on its population.

The article also notes (figures rounded) how much each municipality is eligible for (these are remaining funds):

·         Lower Nazareth $124,000

·         Upper Nazareth $107,000

·         Nazareth $140,000

The catch is that matching funds are required. The township must match at 50% and borough at 25%. With nearly $375,000 in funding available for the Nazareth area, let’s hope some of this money comes back to our communities and is not taken back by the county.

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