Saturday, August 21, 2010

Your Tax Dollars at Work

The Nazareth Area School District has filed a lawsuit against Lower Nazareth Township as a result of LNT denying the solar farm NASD wanted to build on behalf of a Florida company (read the article in the Express-Times and the Morning Call).

In a nutshell, LNT residents have an invested interest in the case. $1,000,000 of their state tax dollars are being paid to build a solar farm that will benefit a privately held company based in Florida. The farm will be located on publicly owned school property surrounding LN Elementary School. The company will generate revenue from the farm and profit from it. However, since LNT denied the solar farm request, the school tax dollars of LNT residents will be used to sue LNT. In turn, LNT residents will have their township tax dollars used to defend the suit. I wonder what percent of LNT’s contribution to State, Local, and School taxes will be wasted in the debacle?

I’ve written numerous times about this project (read prior posts here), and what continues to concern me is the notion of the school leasing public property to a privately held company. Additional concerns include the compensation and fact that PA tax dollars are supporting a Florida company.

What if the school district decided to continue to find ‘non-traditional’ revenue and they began a program that utilized eminent domain to acquire land and then leased that land back to companies who desired to operate in ‘prime’ locations?

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