Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crossing Guard Hit By Vehicle

Long time readers are familiar with my calls for pedestrian safety in the Borough (you can read some past posts on the topic here). Unfortunately, I’ve probably not written about it enough in recent months.

Over five years, I do believe I’ve seen somewhat better behavior, but as recently as last Saturday in a walk in town, a vehicle that couldn’t wait to shoot through a four way stop intersection did so just as my family crossed the yellow line in the road. In reality, he should have waited until we were safely on the sidewalk instead of attempting to brush my behind with his bumper.

Today, I saw an article in the Express-Times (read it here) where a crossing guard was hit by a car at New and Center Streets (the Library intersection).

The intersection is hands down one of the worse in the Borough and I won’t cross there. The fact that a four way stop, with a person holding a stop sign and wearing a high glow vest, was hit by a vehicle pretty much confirms this.

As a reminder, the speed limit in the borough is typically either 25 or 35 mph. Also, pedestrians have the right of way at intersections, meaning vehicles are to allow them to cross and make it safely from one sidewalk to another. And, an intersection is where cross-streets converge. You don’t have to have cross walks to make an intersection, an intersection.

I feel horrible for the crossing guard who got hit and hope this incident will make more drivers more attentive to pedestrians in the future.

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