Wednesday, October 27, 2010

LNT - Show Us the Lease, Solar Panel Debacle Continues

Both the Express-Times (read it here) and the Morning Call (read it here) report on the latest hearing regarding the NASD’s attempt to lease public property to a private company at Lower Nazareth Elementary School.

The hearing was cut very short when LNT requested a copy of the lease between Kenyon Energy and NASD, which was unavailable. Without the lease, LNT stated there were no grounds to hear Kenyon’s President speak because there was no way of knowing they were contractually involved in the matter.

Dr. Lesky noted the agreement was on his desk to which solicitor Gary Asteak replied that was the equivalent to the check is in the mail.

Both papers reported on the time spent by Kenyon’s President to appear, having traveled from Florida, and the NASD calling the move a delaying tactic.

I’ve written extensively on my views against this plan and questioned the return the NASD was receiving compared to what was being given to Kenyon. Failure to drive the eight minutes to, and another 8 from, Lower Nazareth to the office of the Superintendent, where the lease agreement was allegedly sitting, seems to confirm these concerns.

Past articles on the topic are available here: Solar Panels

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