Saturday, December 04, 2010

MMA Action in NASD

Both the Morning Call (read it here) and the Express-Times (read it here) reported this week on a NASD HS student who choked out a fellow student, rendering him unconscious, let him go and the boy landed face first breaking his nose. The student required stitches and may need dental work.

The boy who did the choking is facing aggravated assault charges and was suspended from school for ten days.

As is common practice these days the assault was recorded on video (it was not clear if it was by students or school surveillance).    

The mother of the student who is charged believes this is a common, greeting game, consensual, and occurs on a more or less regular basis at Nazareth. Other students interviewed said it happens, isn’t intended to do harm, but isn’t widespread.

I’m not surprised that one kid tried a choke hold on another while goofing off at school. It happened when I was there and I’m sure it has happened since, but  the part of this that gets me is the mother’s quote in the Express-Times, "I just don't want this happening to any more kids," she said. "I want the kids and the parents aware of these games, and I want the school to do something about it before another incident like this happens and more kids have to go through the same thing."

In short, it  the school’s job to inform students that choking someone until they are unconscious is not a game, it is dangerous There is no doubt that when kids goof off there can be unintended bad consequences, that is a part of growing up, living and learning, but if you are 15 years old and can’t make the connection that choking someone until they are unconscious and then dropping them from a standing position is dangerous your parents have failed miserably.

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