Monday, January 03, 2011

Eagle Call

Parents / Guardians / Students,

If you go to the HS webpage (, students can sign up for a new service I am going to provide called "The Eagle Call."

Basically, anyone (even parents) can sign up to receive e-mails to their computers or text messages to any cell phones. I will try and use this service to send out announcements and reminders about school events and activities such as exams, Eagle Block reminders, activities and events that are happening, and even snow days or delays due to inclement weather.

Imagine students receiving a text message within minutes of me receiving the call from the superintendent that school is closed???!!!!

This is in response to student feedback that reminders such as these will help them remember to sign up for Eagle Block. Anyone can sign up and more than one e-mail or cell phone can be registered.

I hope that you and/or your students will find this to be helpful.

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