Saturday, April 02, 2011

NASD Admin to Accept Raise

The Morning Call has another article on the NASD 2011-12 budget deficit (read it here).

A few interesting points were made including:

“On the expenditures side, Lesky hasn't heard anything from the teacher's union on a wage freeze, but his administrative group has already agreed to hold their raises at 1.7 percent, the state index.”

The administration is taking a 1.7% raise, but asking the union to take none. Seems the Admin should be on a freeze right now too.

“But because the district also plans to accept seven retirements, Lesky hopes layoffs won't be necessary. "Those people do have certifications, and hopefully they will fit into all those areas," he said.”

The proposed seven positions being cut will not result in layoffs as there are seven retirements. Instead people will receive different assignments with the possible exception of the custodian.

It is mentioned that Drivers’ Education is being cut. This does provide a service, and one that is offered outside the school. Maybe instead of cutting the program, it could be structured in a different way – ie a fee based program supplemented or supported by some insurance companies. The school would offer administrative support, they get a car from Brown Daub as a service as I understand it, and we have certified instructors who are paid out of the fee not as a full-time position with benefits.

Will be interesting to watch moving forward as there remains a $1M deficit.

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Wayne said...

There's a problem with administrating a fee supported program for driver ed during school time --- it's called Harrisburg. If I understood Mr Lesky correctly, there's a cap on what fees may be charged for the program. I don't know if what is being currently charged is at the maximum level already but from Lesky's explanation at the last board meeting it didn't seem to be an option. Outside of school time - weekends or summer did seem maybe possible but I think that avenue has yet to be explored. Driver Ed through the IU is still an option as is private Driver Ed courses. Seeing how it's an investment that is recouped by decreased insurance premiums I'm inclined to think it's still an option for families that feel strongly about it - just not on the taxpayer's dime. And if fellow teachers or the union feel strongly about it being provided by the taxpayer they have the challenge offered by Director Crook to work with the board on shared sacrifice and wage freeze.

As for the administrative raise, the article leaves unanswered questions in my mind. Was there a raise beyond the 1.7% state index that is being forgone? If so what was it? What is "state index" - is it a Cost Of Living Adjustment? Are there COLA raises that are separate "normal" raises for admins & teachers? I'm asking because sometimes union/Harrisburg rules seem convoluted and in need of fuller explanations. Does anyone know?

NewsOverCoffee said...

I guess my point is instead of cut and be done with it, figure out a way to reduce cost, while maintaining it - a creative work around.

If it can't be during school time, hold it after school or on weekends.

Regarding the administration, they essentially have individual contracts that are pooled as a union-like cooperative, Act 43 (don't remember exactly, but something like that), and they negotiate with the board and get an across the board multi-year pay raise deal. So they are probably supposed to get between 3 and 4% which is standard, and took half.

Speculation on my part, but regardless to ask the union to take nothing and take anything for yourself is hardly making for a great role model.

The Battle Cry of Freedom said...

If I remember correctly Mr. Lesky stated that the administrators were going to take a pay cut. Has this guy lied to us? I do believe he is capable of it. He has got to be scared to death given what is going on in Allentown, Easton, Bethlehem and Bangor just to name a few. Sooner rather then later the folks are going to realize that they have no discretionay income add increased food and gas prices as well as crumbling roads and brigdes and that stuff will hit the fan. PennDOT is using tar and chips to repair large holes in the state highways. Meanwhile the testing scores are ntt going up and we still stand beneath many nations

NewsOverCoffee said...

If he said they are taking a pay cut, this is the type of cut that we typically see in government - we were supposed to get a 3 or 4% increase, but we only get a 1.5% increase and therefore we are taking a cut.