Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sink Hole Expands at MS

The Morning Call reports that the sink hole that initially impacted two lanes of the new Nazareth Track adjacent to the MS has expanded to all six lanes, and the brand new facility will not be used this season (read the article here).

Posted via email from Ross Nunamaker


The Battle Cry of Freedom said...

Are we surprised? When the new school was being proposed and discussed we were assured that the ground/soil was safe and no one had to worry about sinkholes. Another case of "liar, liar pants on fire"

tandyfam said...

One great investment! Sort of like the gift that keeps on giving...except it will be the track that we keep on fixing!

Ib & Jill said...

Sinkholes can happen anywhere. Yes they knew of the possiblity but all they can due is address and fix the problem. When you keep harping on what should not have been done does not change the past. How about offering support?

NazoRanter said...

I keep thinking of the 7-P adage:

Prior Proper Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance.

We have a sinkhole. Yes, we know they can open anywhere, but BCofF is right, we were told it was okay.

We have a pool that leaks, a lot. Not sure if it has been fixed, but do you see a pattern starting to emerge here?

Point is, we were given a palace that wasn't needed or wanted. Did we need a new school? Yes. Did we have to spend &50+MM to get it? NO WAY!

Now we are getting the costs to repair the field, repair the pool. What else is there that we don't know of?

This was Lesky's boondoggle and now has his name permanently enshrined on the wall.

The taxpayer is hurting, and hurting bad, but the administration and teachers just don't seem to care. They got theirs, at the cost of the taxpayer.

NewsOverCoffee said...

@Jill, I think the frustration comes in the form that past decisions, contentious ones at that, have now come back to cost us significant tax dollars at a time when we can ill afford them.

$20 million dollars more today to education the same number of students as we did 6-7 years ago. About a third of that is debt payments, a chunk are added costs associated with the MS (which is about half capacity).

A cost effective elementary school would have addressed our problem and maybe allowed us to explore solutions for the overcrowding at the HS, but we opted to build the most expensive building we could afford to build.

Yes sinkholes can happen everywhere, but they happened with regularity in the vicinity of the current building, most notably on the field hockey field between the creek and the current MS.