Saturday, June 25, 2011

Crime of All Kinds

Summer just started and seems there is no end to the listings of criminal acts in the news related to Nazareth:
Keith Eutsey, 35 of Nazareth, faces life in prison and a $10M fine for his role in a heroin ring according to the Express-Times (read it here). The case is in federal court in Newark.
Anthony Sisonick, 40, a Nazareth graduate now living in Easton, is going to state prison for a minimum of one year for embezzeling $130,000 from clients, many brides to be, while working at a country club in Montgomery County according to CBS 3 in Philadelphia (read it here).
Shelley Lee Baker, 51, of Easton allegedly stole $4500 from her cash register while working at Wal Mart in Lower Nazareth according to the Express-Times (read it here).
Cory Lee Murphy, 30, of Nazareth, who lives above the American Hotel, broke into the Hotel's bar at 3:00 a.m. and allegedly took some liquor, ransacked the bar and returned to his room. He was identified from surveillance due to a t-shirt with a distinctive logo, which he had worn while in the bar and still had on when police arrived according to the Express-Times (read it here).
Benjamin Donello and Joel Sanchez, 19 of Bushkill and Lower, both charged with posession and intent to deliver narcotics according to a story in the Express-Times (read it here). The article states they sold to a police informant at the Burger King in Lower Nazareth.

Posted via email from Ross Nunamaker


uppernazite said...

Lets not forget the 6 kids smoking pot and possesing valium at the Great Nazazareth Carnival, a family event. I do not let my kids go to the borough park because it is not safe, it is a drug den. How pathetic is that? The Nazareth Park is full of drug users. Law abiding citizens need to take back this park. Give any tips you have to the police.

Elyssia said...

...and we're cutting back our Police force? Brilliant timing! What could go wrong?

NazoRanter said...

I wouldn't be to quick to jump on the "save the police" bandwagon with this report. Of the five crimes listed, only one was in the borough. The two in LNT were handled by CRPD, and one involved a resident from Nazareth but occurred outside of Nazareth.

Time will tell if the decision to contract CRPD to replace Nazareth PD is right or wrong. The question is, are you willing to foot a bigger tax bill to pay for more police or not?

Uppernazite, if drugs are such a big problem at the park, why hasn't the current PD stopped them? You are right, people need to call in tips, and the police to to prosecute to the fullest.

Maybe an outside force like CRPD that isn't tied so tightly to the resident culture will go at the criminals a little harder and start to clean things up.

NewsOverCoffee said...

I think the borough is trying to add resources to the police effort, not reduce them.

Right now we are challenged because there are no shared costs, such as administration.

What I wasn't thrilled with was CRPD Commissions noting this was not a merger, we would have no say in management. THis means we have to have a very good agreement in place.