Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Nazareth Names Superintendent

The Nazareth Area School Board has announced that Dennis Riker will be the new superintendent of schools according to the Express-Times (read it here).

A part of me is surprised, another, not so much so.

The article notes that Riker met Lesky as a student teacher 28 years ago and considers him a mentor. The board considered two internal candidates and went with Riker who is near retirement himself after a pair of interviews and a less than a two month search process.

According to the article, "'I cannot leave this district in better hands,' Lesky said."

I was surprised that the Board didn't open the position up outside the district. I have no knowledge what-so-ever of whom the other candidate was, but I'd guess it was Michael Roth, who I personally expected was the best candidate internally to take over. Considering the age difference, I wouldn't be surprised if Riker does one term, he'll have over 30 years in education and a good pension, step down, and then Roth is appointed.

Note: the author was not outraged at any point in the writing of this post, nor did he have any emotion except being both surprised and not surprised by the approach and decision, respectively.

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